Supporting Solar in Nigeria

In many parts of Africa, people who never had telephones are going straight to mobile phones. The cell towers are easier to install, better technology, and thus many communities are jumping straight to cellphones–skipping landlines entirely.

For some communities, something similar is also happening with solar energy. Places that never had a traditional power grid with coal power plants are installing solar panels for localized electricity. Solar panels don’t require a complex grid, can be installed far from other infrastructure, and don’t require buying fuel once installed.

This month, Brode Electrolyte Vitamin is very happy to be supporting Sosai Renewable Energy in Nigeria, with a contribution to their Kiva loan.

From their Kiva loan page: “Sosai provides clean cookstoves, water filters, solar refrigerators, solar lamps & solar dryers through a lease-to-own model. These products & services are distributed through community center solar kiosks that are run by women entrepreneurs. This structure allows Sosai to increase the incomes of both their products’ consumers & women entrepreneurs. For farmers, Sosai offers solar dryers, refrigerators & other services that enable them to preserve & package their product. This allows farmers to sell at a premium by taking advantage of off-season sales of preserved fruit.”

Many parts of Nigeria have had terrible trouble with Boko Haram. Some of the communities that Sosai services have been affected, and this loan will help them increase their ability to provide clean electricity.

Consider joining us in supporting Sosai on Kiva.

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