How To Prevent The Holiday Hangover

Holidays come with many risks: gorging on an inordinate amount of food, dealing with your aunt trying to convert you to Scientology, and putting on your best impression of a Buddhist monk in order to make it through teeming travel terminals.

A few stiff drinks can help, but that leads to its own risks. How can you help make it so that holiday imbibing doesn’t turn into holiday hangover?

Turkey First. Wine Second.

Sitting down for holiday dinner completely sober may sound frightening, but it can help avoid a hangover. Alcohol can irritate the stomach lining, and this is mitigated if there are hearty fatty foods already in the stomach. Additionally, food in the stomach prevents drink from going directly to the small intestine, where it would get absorbed very quickly, and potentially cause more irritation. The fattier the meat the better, so reach for that dark meat, double up on the gravy. When you start drinking, you will have a nice comforting lining of food and lipids on the interior of your stomach.

Keep the Water Pitcher Full

While passing around the bottles of wine at dinner, make sure to pass around the water pitcher as well. And keep it full. Water will help your body handle all the food your consuming. It will also keep your hydration levels up for when you…may…increase your drinking later in the evening. Keep two cups at each place setting, one for a beverage of choice, and the other for cold delicious water. Try to drink a full two to three cups at dinner.

Before the Night is Over, Take a Brode

Dehydration is your biggest enemy when it comes to avoiding a hangover. Each extra glass of mulled wine dehydrates your body a little bit more. The proper way to stay hydrated is to grab an electrolyte supplement during the evening before you go to sleep. An electrolyte supplement helps to balance against the dehydrating effect of the alcohol. This also assumes that you have been drinking water during the evening. The best way to monitor your hydration? Be cognizant of how many times you pee. That is the primary way that alcohol dehydrates the body. For every time that you pee, you should have at least one large glass of water.

Why are the electrolytes important? Without them, the alcohol tricks your kidneys into dehydrating the rest of your body. That is why you pee so often when drinking. The electrolytes help to maintain the hydration balance.

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